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Leather jackets are a smart choice for your wardrobe that never goes out of style. Nowadays, there are many online platforms making it easy for leather garment lovers to buy leather jackets online. That’s why we see leather jackets everywhere worn by jacket lovers. Winter season jackets are usually available in leather, and almost all age groups, especially young people, love these jackets. Leather jackets are indeed very fashionable but users have to face problems when they come to have to clean them.

Caring and Prevention

Prevention is the best care, but some specific care approaches are inevitable for leather garments. You have to know how to properly wash them if you do not want to spoil them. First of all, we must avoid treating it like just another garment and be careless about putting it in the washing machine if we do not want it to shrink, crack or deform.

But many times, out of ignorance, we end up using products that we should not, and that end up leaving such a valuable garment with a regrettable appearance.

Step By Step Guide

Step By Step Guide

In this informative article, tips are presented on the best methods of washing and cleaning leather jackets and inside smells at home step by step. And keep in mind! Leather is a quite delicate material, suggesting that you must care by treating your leather jacket very gently throughout the cleaning and washing process.

The services of winter jackets for men online and winter jackets for women online are offered by many, but only a few online stores recommend tips to enjoy your smart jacket for a longer period of time.
At, where you can buy celebrity leather jackets online, we want to help you know the home remedies for cleaning your leather jacket both outside and inside so that it does not lose its smartness and remains well for a longer period of time.

Before Starting…

One of the most essential steps you need to take before cleaning any type of fabric is reading the garment’s label containing brief instructions.


One of the major cleaning approaches is decontamination.
You can use mild detergents to clean natural leather from dirt. These detergents may be in the form of liquid soap, shampoo, diluted with water, where ammonia salt drips. You need to moisten a soft napkin using a solution to wipe your jacket. Then another towel or napkin is dipped in running water and cleaned. Dry with a towel. Then the jacket should be dried on the hangers. Once it dries, it needs to be further treated by using protective agents, impregnation, or conditioner.
If the garbage appears in some places, then you can apply spray paint on the skin after the thing dries, and then soak it in protection.
There is slightly a different home cleaning method for winter season jackets with non-leather material, such as suede, velvet, nubuck, and others. First of all, you need to have a special brush to clean it. It has rubber bristles on one side and special bristles on the other. It is initially cleaned with a rubber part, and then the back part of the brush is passed. If the contamination remains in separate places, using a solution of water and ammonia (1/1) is good. It is applied with a soft cloth, in the places where dirt remains, and rubs lightly, and then removes excess moisture with a dry towel. After that, things run dry.

How to Remove Stains?

The first thing to remember is that stains of some specific substances with a liquid state, including oil, ink, and blood, must be neutralized as quickly as possible after they appear.

Oily Spot

People passionately buy celebrity leather jackets online, and thus they do intensely regret when strains damage their smart jacket. It is then essential to take an immediate step by blotting the oily sport with a wet paper or cloth and avoiding rubbing it.
You can then use the methods stated below to clean a leather jacket from this type of stain:
  • Take a cotton cloth, a paper napkin. Apply firmly to the greasing point. Then you need to heat the place, for these purposes it is better to use a not very hot hairdryer.
  • The starch in potatoes removes grease from both smooth leather and fuzzy surfaces. For this, you need to make a puree over the contamination. You can rub a little. For about a quarter of an hour, the starch should soak up and absorb the fat, then carefully clean the place by using a sponge or a soft brush. If the stain is old enough, it is better to mix the starch with alcohol, instead of water. It is to provide greater penetration and cleaning;
  • Tooth powder is another key source that can be adsorptive, and then be applied and rubbed lightly. You can then clean your jacket after waiting for 10 minutes. This approach is good for light and fluffy skin;
  • Crush magnesium oxide drug (tablet), apply to the stain;
  • Oily sport can be treated by using an alcohol and glycerin soap mixture. Make a lightly foamed porridge, add alcohol, and apply for 10 minutes. Then gently wipe the composition, rinse with clean water and dry with a dry cloth.


Ink Contamination

Pens that we often leave in our pockets can cause ink stains.
Salt is a good agent that dissolves ink. To do this, it is poured onto blot ink, kept for a couple of days. Then take a terry cloth, and wipe the salt. Spot stains can be cleaned with turpentine.

Blood Stains

Injuries occur in life and bloodstains can appear on the jacket immediately. It is important to remove them as quickly as possible because old stains penetrate deeply and are difficult to get rid of.
Hydrogen peroxide does well with this type of contamination, but it is a pretty harsh remedy. Before using it to clean a leather jacket, do a test, and select the desired concentration. Keep it long until the blood spot becomes discolored, wipe with a towel, dipped in water several times. Then dry.

Tips to Eliminate Inside Smell of Your Jacket at Home 

When you buy a leather jacket online, you can experience a pleasant odor. And maintain that smell is difficult too much. Leather absorbs odors very quickly, but how to clean a leather jacket at home to eliminate unpleasant smells?
To begin with, things need to be stored properly. Plastic covers cannot be used for them. It is desirable that there is free space around the leather product, that is, the air is circulating. A leather jacket in tight conditions can ‘suffocate.’


Vinegar is considered the most effective way. A little vinegar is poured into the hot water so that a characteristic smell appears and the composition releases steam. Hang a jacket of such capacity so that it absorbs the vapors. You can do this process much better in the bathroom. Then the jacket is hung in a ventilated room on the balcony.

Citrus, Lemon, Orange

Squeeze some lemon juice. Mix with water so that it has a characteristic smell. Spray the thing with the spray bottle.


Mixed, as recommended above, in equal proportions with water, the composition removes not only contamination but also odors.
To avoid sweat smells, use a simple but effective reception, sew additional pads in this area and change them.
The methods described above are suitable for removing the smell of a sweat from a leather jacket, but the vinegar smell is best. Wet the cotton fabric with water, vinegar and iron the joint with a not hot iron (for example, at a wool temperature). The steam should stand out and be absorbed by the gasket. Remove the product and hang it in the sun.

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