Gentlemen, the truth of the matter is that not everyone looks good in a leather or fur jacket. There are many types and most men and women are not aware of them. So, in this post topcelebjackets.com, where you can buy leather jackets online in Australia, will see the different types of leather jackets, their features, and most importantly the principles for appropriately wearing them.
There are many men who will say “they are all the same”, but that is where you are wrong. There are different types and qualities of skin, styles, and prices. But is all this worth knowing? Yes, if you are seriously interested to buy a quality jacket with a style statement that will remain in your closet for decades to come, then yes, it is worth it.

1. Why having a stylish jacket?

Good quality leather-made jackets are indeed an expensive purchase that typically ranges from $ 100 to $ 300 if you get a good price. However, if you pay for a high-quality product offered by the world’s most popular brands, this price can go up to $1,000 and more than it as well.
Since leather jackets are usually not as elegant and classy as a traditional dark coat made from wool material, and more difficult to match, why would you buy them, and how this purchase would be good spending?

The Attitude

In fact, your attitude is the most important thing on the list because leather jackets are very masculine garments. However, female users of leather jackets who buy women’s jackets online in Australia show their attitudes more than their male counterparts.

The tough guys have used it since it was created, long ago, when the only way to obtain it was by killing and skinning an animal, with your bare hands. It showed the toughness of a person, and over the years, it was used by rebels without a cause like James Dean.
But hey, knowing how to wear it, leather jackets stop having that primitive instinct, but never rudeness, that remained impregnated in today’s designs.

The Protection

It is a practical garment, as the material is hard, and it will keep you well protected from physical damage and the weather; for a reason, it is the favorite garment of motorcyclists. The jacket has the strong potential to even stop the damage of an encounter with high speed with the pavement. Indeed, leather plays a pivotal role as a second hard skin; thicker skin than yours.

Now, against unfavorable weather conditions, leather jackets protect from heavy stormy wind and rain since, with the right treatment, they can become waterproof.

The Durability

Fashion is rapidly changing across the world, but leather is one of the only garments that are always in as the absolute trend.

Also, a jacket made from quality leather will last you even for decades, but good care is necessary. One of the most prominent benefits of having a leather jacket is that it is not woven. A leather jacket is made from a firm carpet of fibers altogether. This garment cannot be loosening, even if the surface takes a very deep scratch. Although you may see the damage will remain there, it will not flare up and wipe out the whole garment, which usually happens with other fabrics or materials.
Therefore, leather jackets are costly than other materials, but an interesting aspect is you have a jacket for a longer period of time. This simply suggests that you are probably paying cheap than it actually is.

2. The Styles

Leather jackets are usually well-liked because of their quality and unique style. The term “leather jacket” does not signify a sole style or item. There are many options for you, which lead to the development of a quite different image from the others. Very different yet stylish looks can be created through a specific elegant style, different vibrant shades, and attractive textures.
Wearing a jacket made from real leather is indeed a matter of unique personal taste and preference as well as the look and style you are seeking.
Typically, a leather jacket has a variety of styles and these are distinguished due to their length, size, and cut of the lapels and collar. There are some most prominent families that emerged with the passage of time, including the following:

The “bomber flight” jacket or windbreaker

As its name indicates, this version of the jacket was originally designed for the airplane crew, and its style has not transformed since.

As waist-length leather coats, Bombers are the most popular style and they have a soft inner lining to ensure your comfort. It is a traditional practice and style that the lining goes to the collar’s fold which ensures its visibility on your chin. Most common linings include corduroy, fleece, and flannel. These jackets have fitted waist and sleeves, typically with elastic openings.

The “Double Rider” or motorcycle jacket

This version is a classic in the list of leather jackets. This jacket is more popular amongst riders and thus we instantly recommend this to all of its lovers.

This asymmetrical biker’s jacket has usually a flared collar and big lapels. It has quite a few snaps holding it against the airstream. These features really give this stylish piece an amazingly smart look. It has a front zipper usually opening straight or at an angle. This version is also available in a variety of styles where the flaps’ shape and angle can vary to a great extent, which ultimately depends on the make and model.)

Racer Jacket

Designed for off-road motorbike racing, these jackets are comfortable to a great extent, aerodynamic, and have a small pressure collar (some do not). They lack hot lining or elastic openings (like bombers) or “Double Rider” snaps.

This article is usually available in the natural leather shade (plain black color). Indeed, you have a most trendy option in the form of this leather jacket. If you want a simple one, racer jackets are typically simple and streamlined, which really makes this piece a more neutral one if we compare it with other styles.
As its style from top to bottom is related to racing, you can find this jacket frequently in more vibrant shades, at times with stripes.

3. How to dress them with style?

Skin, or leather, is one of the outfits for men making you feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger or James Bond, every time you wear a jacket, right?
There are some who look not very smart in leather jackets because they thought precisely that. In the following, we would like to share some key principles and ways how to dress a leather jacket in an appropriate manner, based on the style and look you wish for.

Not all articles of leather jackets build up the different formality levels, that is, you should not wear a “double rider” with khakis and formal shoes at your workplace. If you think it is a leather jacket it does not mean that it is the most suitable option for you.

Make sure it is the right size because leather cannot be adjusted or altered, not so easily, so you should buy something to really fit and suit you. It means that your jacket should not be too small and too big because leather is a very rigid material and the wrong size will make your overall look and appearance as a whole very less attractive in front of others.

Leather and business wear, leather is used in casual events in general, suggesting that it is not a dress for business or workplace, but it is surely not a strict boardroom requirement. You have the option in the form of a racer jacket for your business meetings or workplace, which you can wear over a dress shirt and tie, casual wool pants or denim, and leather shoes with black shade.
Leather jackets, if they are well-chosen, will be your best companion if you dress them casually, and raise your eyes because they make you look really masculine, robust and we guarantee that, if it is the right jacket, it will last for decades, it is a very good investment.
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